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Oct 19 2010

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Aug 11 2010

During the past days I shot this great wedding at the Graydon Hall. It was another rainy day (it’s funny how it only rains during the weekends!!), but in the end the sun came out. The venue was really amazing!
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The bride really put a lot of effort into all the wedding details. She even made a display honoring the women in her family with their wedding dresses, pictures of their wedding, etc. It was pretty obvious that her family is a very important part of her life. After some time getting all the things done on the venue, she went to the bridal suite to get dressed and get married!!
Kyra was definitely one of the most emotional brides I’ve ever seen!
And then it was time for dinner and party! The favors were soo cute!!
Oh! Instead of the traditional wedding cake, they had Croquembouche.
One smart thing that Kyra did was giving guests flip flops for their tired feet! And people really needed… everybody was enjoying and dancing to the live band.
This wish tree was also super kawaii.
All the luck to you guys! :)
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