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Jun 08 2012

This is usually what happens when I meet couples interested in booking me for their wedding day: I bring my iPad and my albums (which are really beautiful and I always recommend people getting them – because 1st: it’s a totally different feeling seeing the pictures printed in a nice album; 2nd: you don’t want to invite your friends over to your computer to see your wedding pictures!; 3rd: the albums are gorgeous). I also explain what they should expect of me on their wedding day and then I let the clients talk about what they’re already planning and ask a lot of questions. Most of the times the bride-to-be is the one who does all the talking and her fiance just listens and agrees with everything. So I never really get to know the groom, because they are like that during the engagement shoot and wedding day as well.

That was ALMOST the case with Maria and Dimitri. On our first meeting, Maria did all the talking and Dimitri was really quiet. So I must say I was quite impressed during our E-Session. He was so nice, always listening carefully to my directions so we could make amazing images for them to keep. Also, he never complained about being tired of taking pictures (guys usually do that)! The photos came out so nice I wish I could post them all here! Although it was really hard to make her laugh, there’s something about her eyes that say so much! At that moment I just knew her wedding pictures would turned out great and here are some for you to see. A LOT of emotion going on!

Talking about the actual wedding, they had the cutest bridal party EVER!! You’ll see what I’m talking about when you get to scroll down the page.

These two are a perfect match! I truly wish them a lifetime of happiness – Maria and Dimitri are both wonderful people. I was impressed with how they got along so well with their little nieces and nephews… they need to become parents soon! :)


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