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Apr 09 2014

First wedding of 2014! :)

Loved starting my wedding year with Erin and Mark. I had tons of fun during our e-session last Fall and I was counting the days for their big day at Archeo, a really cool venue for intimate weddings inside the Distillery District.

I remember shooting weddings in March and it was never this freezing cold. I really don’t know how Erin was able to walk around Distillery with no jacket at all. Bravest bride I’ve had so far! We even tried some sparklers photo during the night, but the wind and cold didn’t help us at all – well, at least we got one cute clumsy heart drawing to remember (which you can see at the end of this post).

The highlight of their wedding day was the Pyebaek, a Korean wedding custom. It’s a beautiful ceremony where the parents share some wisdom on marriage. They also throw jujubes (I’ve seen chestnuts at other ceremonies as well) at the bride and groom, which represent their wish for lots of grandchildren. I’m really lucky to live in a country where I can shoot so many cultures and traditions.

Erin and Mark, congratulations! You suit each other perfectly. May your every day together be a joyous ride. ♥

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