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May 02 2013

Loved shooting this e-session! Michelle and Colin were the sweetest couple ever. Interesting that Michelle thought she wasn’t photogenic and I could really tell she was worried about it. As you can see, she couldn’t be further from the truth!

Colin was really good making Michelle smile and I must say I’m really lucky to get nice grooms-to-be most of the time. In the end, I can tell couples what to do during their e-shoot, but it’s up to the couple to make the “magic” happens. It’s funny that during my meetings EVERYBODY stops on the same picture from my wedding album sample saying how they love that particular photo (one couple’s first dance) and, the thing is, YOU gotta give me that moment. And that was exactly what Colin and Michelle did: I told them all the poses they were supposed to do, and it works so well because they look so in love. I call that chemistry. :)

Oh… and this was my first engagement shoot here in Whitby! Although I have many couples getting married that live around (thanks to Aileen and Brandon!), all of them choose to have their engagement pictures done in Toronto. It was great working 5 min away from home! :)

Really excited about their wedding this August!


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