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Aug 20 2012

When I think my clients couldn’t get any more romantic… this couple really topped it off!

Fabrice wrote Jennifer 12 – yes, TWELVE!! – love letters during the past year, one for each month. We had the chance to read one since they decided to share its content during their vows. I couldn’t stop crying – good thing my camera is always in front of my face, so nobody notices!

Then, during the speeches, we learn that Fabrice, as a kid, reenacted the whole Disney’s Aladdin movie – including songs! – to his sister since she couldn’t watch the actual movie. Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever heard?? I’m a huge Disney fan (for a period of time I even was a cast member but had to gave up on that since I understand that I’m much better as a guest), so for me, that’s actually the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

Now talking about the wedding – this was so much fun. Jennifer definitely chose an unique location for their portraits: The Art Shoppe! When she told me about her plan, I thought that was extremely creative but I was a bit worried about all the price tags and how we would deal with some of the furniture around the store. Turns out that the staff was beyond nice and helped us hiding price tags and even moving furniture around. I just love the pictures – The light of the store made the pictures came out so dramatic! While I was editing I was thinking, “man, this looks like a movie poster!”. Loved them! Can’t wait to publish my next blog post so I can move them to my portfolio!!

Jen looked STUNNING! Interesting that before their E-Session they talked to me about being worried about not being photogenic, but as you can see, they have nothing to worry about! Such a cute couple. Loved her dress, the hair, her place (yeah, that has nothing to do with the wedding, but it gave the pictures a nice background) everything! That girl has an incredible good taste. I also have to say that the entire bridal party was really into the wedding. I wish I could post all pictures here, got to capture some really nice images because of them. They were SO upbeat!

Congrats, Jen and Fabrice! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. :)

p.s.: Their last names and the license plate from the Jeep were intentionally removed out of the images for this post.

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Aug 09 2012

This is the busiest August so far! Working every weekend and even some weekdays! I must say I’ve been really excited about these upcoming weddings since I loved all E-Sessions from the couples getting married this month!! Yes, it’s tiring, but I’ll get plenty of rest during the winter – I hope.

Another wedding book being shipped – decided to post some images of this one because it’s different from the regular album I usually bring to my meetings! Instead of the leather cover, you have the hardback cover. I really like the way it looks so current.

Loved it!

p.s.: for info on pricing, please contact me at contact(at) since this book is not available on my Price List.

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