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Mar 02 2012

I was making some space in my folders for tomorrow’s wedding when I came accross Jade’s photo shoot. It’s been a while since I don’t post non-romantic photo sessions, so I decided to post this one before it’s out of my computer. It’s such a pity because I did some amazing photo shoots like this last year and now I just don’t have time to dig through my DVDs. I promise I’ll try to keep this blog more diverse. I love shooting weddings, but the reality is I love shooting anything that involves people.

Jade was featured on this blog two years ago, when she was turning 16. She’s now 17 and prettier than ever.

I remember we were freezing on our first photo shoot, but this time the weather was quite nice – despite the rain!! This time, she decided to bring all her cousins for this shoot – isn’t that sweet? I love it when I meet teenagers that like to hang out with their family. :)


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