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Oct 22 2011

Yeap, summer is definitely gone. I must say that I’ve been a bit lazy when it comes to posting my weddings… writing a blogpost about it means getting my disks, going through thousands of images to pick the ones I need to tell a story, then resizing them, etc. I promised when things slow down during the winter, I’ll get back to it.

Just to keep the blog updated, I’m posting a few pictures of a photo session I’m currently working on – this is Lauren, an actress I shot a couple of days ago. I’m also trying to post some of non-wedding/engagement work so people know that photo shoots don’t always mean people in love and cute kids. xP



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Oct 15 2011

Today I had the day off because of this rain. I was supposed to shoot an e-session, but with all this wind we decided to reschedule. So I’m taking this time to do some updating here!

Some people think I just do weddings and engagement sessions. But I actually shoot lots of family photo sessions and even photo sessions with just one person! So today I’m posting this mother & daughter photo shoot I did last summer. I don’t even remember what month this was anymore – I think I’m suffering from mommy brain.

I first met Wenwen when she hired me to take pictures of herself and her husband – if you have patience you’ll find my blog post about them somewhere in here. Her mom saw the pictures and liked so much that Wenwen decided to give her a photo shoot as a gift. Although initially the photo shoot was just for her mom, I had to ask Wenwen to be part of the photo shoot as well to get some really nice mom & daughter portraits.






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