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Toronto Engagement Photography: Dennis & Cinzia
December 18th, 2010

Some days ago I went to Dennis & Cinzia’s engagement party. It was a small party, just some close friends and family were invited. His sister and Cinzia decorated the whole house for that day. They really put a lot of effort in the decoration and it looked amazing!

Before the guests arrived, we decided to take some pictures outside the house. Unfortunately it was a rainy and cloudy day, but we could get some nice images out of it. :)

Once the guests and the priest arrived, the ceremony began. It was like a mini-wedding, they even exchanged rings. One thing that I like about my work is that I get to see how things work in lots of different cultures. Well, enough talking, let’s get to the pictures. As always, I’ll be posting more images on my Facebook page, so don’t forget to join at http://www.facebook.com/YukiNodaPhotography.

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