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Yuki Noda Photography Reviews

Yuki Noda Photography Reviews, Best Wedding Photographers in Ontario - 2015 Couples' Choice Award Winner


What is your photography style?

If you go through my portfolio, you’ll notice that I prefer a photojournalistic/creative approach. Of course that you’ll get traditional images as well (“say cheeeeeese!!”), but most of them will display my creative side! :)

What is your turnaround like?

For weddings, you get your images 6-8 weeks after your wedding day. Other photo sessions (baby, family, etc), you’ll be getting in 2-3 weeks tops.

Do you work with other photographers? How much do you charge for a second shooter?

I prefer to work by myself – sometimes it can get too crowded having more than one photographer. This way, I know exactly which shots I got. Some people think that this way they won’t get lots of images, but I can assure you that you’ll be getting LOTS of images and in all angles you can possibly imagine! ALL weddings you see on this blog were shot without a 2nd photographer and I must say all my clients were extremely satisfied with the results.

Do you give RAW files? Aren’t RAW files better for printing?

I don’t give RAW files. Better printing has nothing to do with RAW files: a RAW file is just the image “straight out of the camera”. A RAW file needs to be edited and I would never feel comfortable giving you something that’s “half finished”. I give you HIGH RESOLUTION JPEGs, already edited and ready to print.

Is it possible to give me unedited images?

Sorry, but no. For the same reason above, I don’t give unedited images nor images that were edited out of the session.

What equipment do you use?

I work with a Nikon D850, D800, D700 and various types of lenses. I always bring two of everything (and LOTS of batteries) in case something happens with my original equipment.

I want to book you for a photo session, but I want it to be on a studio. Do you offer that kind of service?

As I said before, my work tends more for the photojournalistic side. That would be difficult on a studio with huge lights and a blank background. So if you want portraits of your whole family on a blank background, I’m definitely not the right photographer for you.

Regarding baby pictures, do you bring props or should I have my own?

I’m not a fan of pictures with babies inside baskets or hanging inside blankets. I’m also not a fan of making them pose in a funny way while they are asleep. I want to capture the beauty of your baby as he/she is – they really don’t need big flowers or feathers on their head to look cute – they also don’t need to be put in baskets in the middle of some park. If you want your baby inside a pot, basket, etc, then I’m not the right photographer for you. You can expect a relaxed family photo shoot – lots of cuddling, smiling and everything you would actually do in a regular day.

Do you edit your pictures? Do you charge extra for editing?

All images I give you are edited! Editing is one of my favorite parts and, to me, it wouldn’t be fun to just take your pictures. If I give you a thousand pictures from your big day, they will ALL be edited.

Regarding editing, what do you do to the pictures?

When I say I will edit your pictures, it means I will color correct them and they will be ready to print. It also means sometimes I will give them some effect, like a vintage colour or maybe make it black & white. It DOES NOT mean I will make you thinner, remove dark circles, make teeth whiter or change a lot of the picture. If you’re not comfortable in your own skin, then I’m not the right photographer for you!

Can I send you images that I saw on the web to be recreated during my photo shoot?

When you’re hiring me as your photographer, I assume you like my work. So no, I don’t take photo lists and I won’t look at your Pinterest board unless it has photos I took.

Do I have to print my pictures with you?

No, you don’t have to print the pictures with me. All photo sessions include your high resolution images, so you’re free to print them anywhere you’d like!

Got more questions? Just send me an e-mail and I’ll be answering it ASAP. :)

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