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Sir William Mackenzie Inn Wedding: Jennifer and Anthony
October 16th, 2017

What a beautiful wedding! I already knew I’d be getting amazing photos from Jen’s and Anthony’s big day because of their engagement session this past Spring (please check end of this text for the link). Besides being a super good-looking couple, they have a lot of chemistry together and they were so much fun to be around.

The whole day was spent at Sir William Mackenzie Inn – a beautiful venue located in Kirkfield. Jen wanted to do a quick photo shoot with her mom’s wedding dress, which looked absolutely stunning on her. It fit her perfectly! Then, it was time for her own dress – I have to be honest, seeing her in that dress made me remember of the Barbie dolls I used to play with when I was younger. Jen looked so gorgeous, she is so photogenic!

It was such an emotional day. These two were just glowing when they saw each other for the first during the ceremony. Jen’s vows made me tearful. Their dog brought their rings and it put a smile on all guests faces.

Now, I have to talk about their reception. Everybody was on the dance floor having such a good time! From their wedding schedule, I knew Anthony was supposed to sing, but I was surprised that he is a professional! Anthony’s dad and Jen also joined the band, they rocked! I had such a great time, it was like being in a concert.

Congrats, Jen & Anthony! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness! ❤

Want to check their engagement session? Click here!

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