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Nestleton Waters Inn Wedding Photography: Aly & Brian
October 2nd, 2017

This wedding was the perfect wedding. The venue was gorgeous, the couple was the cutest, the wedding party looked sharp, everything, all details, I loved every minute of it! I remember Aly e-mailing me worried about the weather: it was supposed to rain all day! It didn’t. It was overcast until it was time for them to kiss at the ceremony. The sun decided to show up! Seriously, it felt like I was in a movie.

And, believe it or not, all these photos were shot in 7 hours. When Aly & Brian told me they would only need about six hours, I thought that maybe that would be a bit rushed. It wasn’t. Thanks to the awesome staff at Nestleton Waters Inn. They made sure everything was running smoothly. We even had time to leave reception for a few minutes to get some amazing shots with their canoe. :)

I honestly only have good things to say about this venue and I really hope to work there again in the future. They have this beautiful Inn with amazing rooms, a pond so well maintained it looks amazing on photos and they also have this big field on their property, great for wedding party photos. Everything within walking distance (but if you don’t want to walk at all, that’s fine, they have golf carts!!).

Now, talking about this couple: what a cute couple to photograph! Aly has this perfect smile. These two together could really star in their own tv series. I wish I had taken their engagement session photos so I could share them here in the end of the blog, like I always do, however, Brian’s sister was their e-session photographer (and I’m pretty sure this made their e-session photos even more special!).

The ceremony was my favorite part – lots of emotion going on. And what about those bridesmaids dresses? Oh my god – loved those dresses! The reception was also a lot of fun. I could write a lot more about this wedding, however, I do have to get back to work. Let me share some of my favorite photos with you.

Congrats, Aly & Brian! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness! ❤

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