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Glendon College Wedding Photography: Lena & Mohamad
June 21st, 2012

I thought I would never ever replace the first image from my Wedding Portfolio… till today! Yeap, Lena and Mohamad made it. :)

I don’t know if anybody noticed, but most of my Portfolios start with an image of hands, feet, etc. It’s intentional – I think it’s kind of neutral and I actually love photographing details. I’ve been using the same picture for a couple of years now, but I think I finally found a good replacement. :)

So this is Lena and Mohamad’s wedding – it’s actually their reception since I did not shoot their ceremony that took place in the US! They got ready together, headed to Glendon College for some portraits and then it was all about dancing all night long!

One really romantic thing about the two of them: their moms were best friends from a long long time ago and they actually met when they were BABIES!! Isn’t that cute?! They became friends during their teens, fell in love and the rest is history. That is so sweet, just loved that story.

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