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Feb 02 2011

Abie just had a birthday and her hubby, Mike, decided to give her a photo shoot as a gift! I just find it so romantic when it’s the husband that wants to do that… let’s face it, usually it’s us – women – that want to take pictures! We started the session just with the birthday girl because he really wanted some pictures just of her, then we did some romantic shots with both of them. And their kids were there waiting patiently to get on the frame as well! They were so cute and well-behaved… I don’t know if I’m lucky, but I always get to work with the sweetest kids!! I hope my future kids are just like that!

It was cold still – can’t wait for spring to come along, but the images turned out just beautiful. These are my faves.

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Dec 07 2010

Another shoot in the cold! It was Jade’s birthday – same day as mine! – and one of her mom’s gifts to her was a photo shoot session with her family and friends.
Although everybody was freezing, I loved how the pictures turned out!
Jul 30 2010

A couple of days ago, I shot these kids that are starting out a band, called Freedom After All. Our shoot had been scheduled and rescheduled several times, but then we decided to shoot it anyways, it didn’t matter if the weather was good or not. In the end, it rained a lot, but the pictures turned out really good. I was pretty impressed with the boys, they were pretty serious about their band and it was easy shooting them. They didn’t play around and the results are amazing. Hope they can break into the music industry.

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