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Jun 08 2015

I live about ten, fifteen minutes away from Parkwood Estate and always heard great things about that location, however I’ve never had the chance to check it out until last year when I shot Amy and Matt’s wedding (click here to view it). To my surprise, another couple decided to use the same spot for their engagement session this past May and I was super excited to work there once again, without all the rush of a wedding day.

And what can I say about these two? This is one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever met! They have an amazing life story and I’m so lucky to have had our paths crossed. I already shot their wedding a couple of weeks ago at the Doctor’s House and had, once again, an amazing time. I’ll truly miss them! ♥

Let me share some of the greatest moments from the engagement session with you. Definitely, my favorite one is when H. surprised N. with an engagement ring!! He also brought her family to share this special day with them and I loved all the reactions from N. when seeing all her family there, however I decided to keep those photos private. Enjoy!

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