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May 17 2014

Really enjoyed spending time with Wilmar and David! Such a sweet couple. Can’t wait for their wedding this Summer!

I must say I’m still a fan of pictures by the lake, can’t get tired of it. Whenever I can, I try to persuade couples into splitting their shoot between wherever they want and somewhere else w/ sand, water and, if we’re lucky, a nice sunset. And I’ll tell you they never regret it.

5 minutes away from Cherry Beach is the Distillery District. Even though they were holding a festival on that day and the place was completely packed with tents and people, we managed to get some great shots over there as well.

Let me share my favorites with you! :)

May 11 2014

It’s funny how time flies when you get older. Just now I noticed it’s been almost 5 months since I posted a family shoot here. I worked with so many wonderful families last year and never had a chance to stop and write about them. I even had families asking me if I didn’t like their shoot because they never appeared in my blog (!).

Thing is, after you have kids, your priorities change quite a bit. I’m always working on weekends and then, on weekdays, I also have to stay on my computer editing photos. When I’m done with the editing, I just want to spend as much time as I can with my daughter and this blog, unfortunately, is not a priority anymore. I do post some new work on my Facebook page (; that’s the place where you should go to check out my newest work.

This is Francesco and this photo session is celebrating his 100th day, a special occasion in Chinese culture. It was such a pleasure to meet this cute little baby and his older brother, Matteo.

Our shoot started with just Francesco and his mom. A few minutes later, Matteo and his dad arrived from swimming lessons. First thing Matteo did was go to his brother room and hug him! Cutest thing EVER! It was incredible to see such a young boy caring so much about his younger brother.

May 10 2014

Even though I’m always at Edward Gardens working with families, I’ve never had a couple asking for an engagement shoot over there. And I’ll be honest, it was great taking a break from editing Distillery District/Brickworks photos – the two most popular locations among lovebirds.

The amazing light and super cute couple were a great finish to a very busy Sunday! Hanaa and Asher were really good at posing and being comfortable around each other. Our shoot was such a breeze that Hanaa was able to change THREE times. :)

Congrats on your engagement, Hanaa and Asher. Can’t wait for your wedding this summer!

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