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Nov 03 2011

It’s 11 am of October 26th – I usually don’t write on the same day I post – and I’m editing some pictures from an e-session. The one I had to cancel because of the rain two weeks ago, remember? Looking amazing so far and I’ll try my best to post them as soon as I can (who am I kidding? I’ll probably just post the pictures next year… lol. Sorry guys, but my priority is actually editing the pictures and uploading them to their private online gallery).

On this post, I want to talk about a section of this blog that usually goes unnoticed: the FAQ. If you’re thinking about booking a photo shoot with me, that’s a great place that answers most of your questions. There you will find answers regarding turnarounds, editing, my style of work, etc. These things are actually discussed when we meet up or talk over e-mail/phone (and they are also on the agreement you’ll sign), but it’s always good to check that out beforehand. This helps especially brides, that are usually talking to tons of photographers.

I’m talking about this because, every now and then, after the online gallery is up and you can view how your pictures turned out, I get requests for body modifications – “Can you make me look thinner??”. One thing that I always talk in meetings is how I dislike when photographers make clients look like plastic dolls or soap opera stars. I like people looking like themselves. And if you’re hiring me as your photographer, it’s because you liked my work and trust my point of view. A picture does not need to have a hot model to look amazing. If you go through my portfolio, you’ll see all kinds of people – and if you loved them, you need to know that those people over there are exactly like you see in the picture. You know what I dislike the most? When the white of the eyes are so white that if that was actually true I would run like crazy if you knocked on my door looking like that! Of course, as a photographer, I will for sure photograph you using the best angles, the ones that are most flattering to you! If you want to show your wedding pictures and then have people talking behind your back about how you were photoshopped thin, then I’m definitely not your type of photographer.

Now let’s actually talk about the pictures on this post! :)

Last summer I had the opportunity to work with Laura and Thomas again. I took pictures of them when they were six months old – you’ve probably already seen them here in the blog! – and now they are all grown up. But this time, instead of mom and dad, grandma and grandpa joined for some shots as well. :)


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