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I love my website
March 22nd, 2011

Okay, I need to say something: I just love my Flash website. Probably most people don’t even notice all the cute things happening there, but you can actually play around with the images that wander through my homepage: yeap, you can drag those mini photos, click on them to see a larger version, etc. It’s a cool and fun way to view my portfolio – if you’re not in a hurry! :) That rainbow in the back also changes colour… so much to look at while you’re in there – I never get tired of it!

The only bad thing about having a Flash website is that it doesn’t run on the iPhone. I had to create a totally different design for it. So if you’re visiting me through your Apple phone, you’re gonna be sent directly to my blog – but not the blog you see through your computer browser… If you have an iPhone, just check it out. I thought it was a really cute version of my blog! :)

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